Ai baby’s bib

I want to choose a gentle one for the baby’s soft skin

A baby who can’t convey his own feelings.
Weep and laugh and convey emotions, and adults understand the signs and communicate.
Baby discomfort can also be manifested by changes in the body.
We want the baby to wear something that puts less burden on the skin and body so that small bodies and soft skin can be as “clean” as possible.
“Ai-style” was born from such thoughts of adults involved in child care.
An indigo bib that carefully selected 7 -layer gauze in consideration of the traditional dyeing using the natural material “Ai” and the burden on the skin .
Not only babies, but also dads, mothers, and many other people involved in childcare can feel comfortable.

7 -layer gauze with soft touch and firm absorption

Ai style, it remains wet thinking that you do not last long, firmly absorbs the drool 7 I made double gauze (front 4 -fold, back 3 -fold).
The gauze in seven layers has a soft touch.
With a wide design that cares from the chest to the shoulder, it absorbs drool firmly.
Wet surfaces reduce discomfort to the baby’s skin, making it easier than ever to change styling for babies with drooling.
Indigo bib is soft not only for babies, but also for those who touch it.
It is a style that focuses on the comfort of the baby and the ease of use for those who care for children.

A story about Stylish’s “dirt”

Bibs and styles are absolutely dirty.
Washing dirty or yellowed styli takes time and care about the detergent used.
The indigo bib was born there.
It is said that antibacterial effect can be expected by dyeing the fabric with indigo. (* 1 )
Indigo is a natural dye that has been used as a crude drug since ancient times.
Indigo dyeing is a natural technique that uses no extraneous materials to keep the fabric from becoming unsanitary.
The indigo dyed fabric will wash the indigo color in the water when washed.
The fact that colors are easy to come out is the same as re-dying each time you wash.
The color of the indigo blends in with each wash. (* 2 )
Natural indigo dye and soft 7- fold gauze gently wrap the baby’s skin.
(* 1 ) Indigo Sty has been certified as having antibacterial activity by a third-party antibacterial test.
(* 2 ) Wash separately from other laundry items as the color will appear when washing.

Japan Blue Awa Ai that shines on baby’s skin

Stylish is also a fashion for babies.
There are plenty of styles of designs and materials, and it’s both fun and troublesome to choose how to match the scene of the activity.
The deep, natural color of the indigo bib blends in with the baby’s innocent skin .
Indigo bib, which cares most about the skin of the baby, has no embroidery or print decoration that stimulates the skin.
“It’s cute just to be there”
An indigo bib that focuses on simple designs and high-quality materials that can feel the adorability of a baby.
The comfort will be the best gift for your baby.

Round wide size for various scenes

A piggyback string when hugging or piggybacking, a child seat when riding a car.
The part of the belt that hits the baby’s body also gets wet and dirty.
The belt is hard to wash even if it gets dirty.
The indigo bib is wide and covers the part of the belt that directly touches the baby’s skin.
This also reduces the hassle of washing the belt part.
If you notice dirt on your mouth even when you are sitting, hi-hi, or hugging, you can gently wipe it with an indigo style.
We are thinking of something that is comfortable to use for both babies and childcare people.

The power of indigo

We asked an inspection organization to test what happens to the stains on the styling by indigo dyeing.
Despite the dirt, the results showed that in the case of indigo-dyed fibers, it was difficult for bacteria (* 3 ) to increase.
Applying indigo bib does not mean that your skin will not be rough at all.
Nevertheless, these three features , 7- fold gauze, wide round shape, and indigo dye , are for those who are troubled by many drooling babies,
If you are looking for something that is gentle on your skin and want to choose something gentle, we can recommend it with confidence.
Ai Ai, a craftsman engaged in Japanese traditional industry, takes time and effort to dye carefully.
“Love” for those who want to choose something that is kind to the skin for their baby.
We hope that the affection of those who seek “really good things” will be transmitted to the baby.
3 : Suppresses Staphylococcus aureus reproduction.

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