Commitment to baby’s bib

Stylish for baby and mom

The adorable baby’s soft skin makes you want to touch it.
When you are crying, eating, drinking milk, or when your teeth are about to grow, you may be worried about hygiene around your mouth.
Baby’s soft skin is thinner and more easily damaged than adults, so it’s important to be careful.
Drooling, spilling, finger sucking, etc. around the mouth tends to get dirty.
If you leave it as it is, your skin may become rough, and you will need to change your style frequently.
Stylish is to prevent dirt and gently protect the baby’s skin.
The clean, low-stress styling is gentle on both babies and childcare workers.

A soft feeling that makes you forget to wear it

A wet styling can damage your baby’s skin if it hits your baby’s soft skin.
If the skin is damaged, it can cause rough skin and allergies.
If you hit the skin, you want to choose a material that is as gentle on the baby as possible. cares about the styling of the hand with less burden on the skin.
We are making a styling that makes you feel uncomfortable without saying “soft” or “comfortable!”

Protect the baby’s face

Drooling babies can get wet not only at the mouth and chest, but also around the neck and shoulders. styling is wide, protecting your shoulders from drooling and dirt.
It is just the right size to return naturally to your mouth.
Baby with lots of drool is also used with a styling on a piggyback or a child seat. In such a case, it is troublesome that the styling gets caught or the belt becomes dirty.
If you cover the shoulder area and absorb water, your baby will feel comfortable and your skin will be less burdensome.
It is a size and shape considering the baby and family.

Stick to the material

The styling is made from gentle materials so that babies and families with rough skin and atopic dermatitis can use them with peace of mind.
We use natural materials such as cotton and recycled fibers such as rayon.
I choose something that is gentle on the baby’s thin and soft skin.
The feature of styling is that there is little stress on the skin. While sticking to the material, I make it with a simple design without using unnecessary decorations.

A baby-style and mom-friendly bib

Choosing a style is important for babies as well as those who are raising children.
An important point when choosing not only design but also water absorption and touch.
Irregularities on the cloth that cannot be felt by an adult’s hands can also cause stress on the baby’s skin.
Wipe off the mouth around the moist baby in the style of weaving was bumpy, the Goshigoshiko the boiled eggs because it’s like sucking.
In addition, it is basic to replace the styling when it gets dirty. However, when you are busy or leave it to others, you may not be able to exchange it easily.
An antibacterial style that can absorb water well and is less likely to be unsanitary is a style that you want busy mothers to use. styling is for babies with weak skin and busy mothers.