For drooling babies

For drooling babies

Why did you stick with “styling” in what your baby wears?
The reason I came to think, “What is really good for the skin?” Is my first childcare.
Introducing the development story of Ai baby’s bib.

My drooly baby, troubled by rough skin

Drool begins to be anxious as the baby grows.
Home of children age 3 started out drool from months around, 1 enough to not be in time be wiped several times in less than month, now many drool.
The area around the mouth is so sticky that you can’t make it just by styling, and even the clothes below get wet. When I started to move high and low, there was a puddle in the path of my child, and I used to wear gauze and always wipe my child’s mouth.
Drools have heard that they are energetic, but my child has become so rough that she has gone to hospital.

What is “Skin-friendly styling”?

Your GP suggested a stylist that has little effect on your skin.
The three conditions are as follows .
1 , natural fiber feel good
2 , high water absorption
3 , no decoration at all
The first “feel good” is something like gauze, which is likely to be many in the world.
The second “water absorption” is that it is a thick fabric and a large size that covers the chest tightly.
The third decoration is decoration such as embroidery, print, and ribbon. Even tags can be stressful on a baby’s soft skin, so they should have none, and if possible, seams should not touch the skin.
Soft and comfortable, large design that absorbs water well, simple styling without decoration.
This is a baby-friendly style.

Make it because there is no “skin-friendly styling”!
I started to look for it with the advice of my GP and found something.
Despite such a variety of designs, it is difficult to find something that satisfies the conditions of a skin-friendly styling.
While searching, I thought, “What is a skin-friendly style?” And decided to make it myself.

1.soft material

Gauze is a nice material.
However, drooling babies can’t catch up with regular gauze.
The 7 -layer gauze has arrived from various types.
Since two pieces of gauze are sewn together, the water absorption is high and the skin contact is soft and light.

2.water absorption

Actually, I had been thinking, “Because there are many drools, I need many stylings.
Thin ones that are easy to wash and dry.”
However, it quickly became sticky, so it was necessary to change the style many times, and the amount of laundry only increased.
We found that a styling that absorbs water firmly with 7- fold gauze has less irritation to the skin and consequently requires fewer sheets to use.
“Large shape covering the chest” was also important for the highly water-absorbing styling. This is because the drool that droops on the styling gradually spreads.
For a drooling baby, the styling to absorb water over a wide area was perfect.
In addition, the large round styli helped to clean the belt when using the embroidery and child seat. decoration

The advice of “no need for ribbons, prints or embroidery” was reassuring to me.
Originally, I thought that what a baby would wear should be simple.
However, I felt that the dirt was noticeable with a light color styling because of the simplicity.
Since there were no illustrations or patterns, the dirt was more noticeable, and it would take time to wash the parts … I was thinking while stiff shoulders and back pain.

Try dyeing your styling with indigo

My hometown is said to be one of the largest indigo dye producing areas in Tokushima.
When thinking about the colors to use for styling, the color of indigo dye suddenly came to my mind.
Fabric dyed with natural dyes has a taste and fits nicely on the skin. It should look great on your baby!
At the same time, in Tokushima, I noticed that indigo has been said to have insect repellent and deodorant effects.
“What about the antibacterial effect?”
Visited the indigo dyeing craftsman.
According to the indigo dyeer, people who suffer from atopic dermatitis may come to dye their underwear.
Antibacterial testing of the indigo-dyed styli by a third party revealed that Staphylococcus aureus (suppuration of the wound)
It was certified as having an antibacterial effect against causal bacteria such as yabihi.
Test results have shown that it is also reduced against Moraxella bacteria, which cause a semi-dry and unpleasant odor.
While thinking about the color of the indigo, I decided to “dye the style indigo.”

To Mom Suffering From Baby Drooling

At the time when the path to indigo dyed styling and products was seen, the drooling of my child was reduced and the skin was no longer rough.
1.natural fiber feel good
2.high water absorption decoration
It is unlikely that my child will use the styling that has been completed through trial and error after receiving advice from a GP.
However, in the same way, my mother, who was worried about “there are lots of drooling and difficulties” and “want to use a skin-friendly styling”, came up with the product “Ai Style” because she thought she would be somewhere.

The motivation was to protect the baby’s skin gently.
Ai Stai was born with the wish that the baby and mother could spend a smile.