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From 0- year-old babies to 6- year-old children, “ ” was launched in 2019 with clothing and sundries that gently protect the skin and movement of young children.
The reason was my own childbirth and childcare.
Until then, I had been working on creating promotional materials and websites necessary for the business scene from the perspective of “how to solve issues”.
The job of thinking about goals with customers is a busy, fulfilling day.
The turning point that came to me was my pregnancy after marriage, when I was not blessed with children.
I have been making walnuts and underwear for my baby since I was pregnant, looking forward to being born safely.
At that time, the rest of the before and after birth is also 1 as much as week, a busy time as the work done while shortening the time. If you buy baby underwear at the store, you will have time to relax.
However, one of the reasons why I wanted to handcraft things used by children was one of my own memories of my childhood.

Mother’s handmade clothes that still remain

My mother, too, used to make handmade.
I remember that my mother wore handmade clothes until the lower grades of elementary school.
My mother’s clothes are well sewn, and there are still a few clothes from those days. As a child, it was natural that he wanted to make clothes for his own children.
The long-awaited pregnancy and the desire to hand-craft children’s clothing have thrilled our busy everyday life.

I want to protect my baby’s soft skin with green materials

The long-awaited birth of my child was impressive, and the joy of increasing my family was beyond words. Looking into my sleeping face, I was hoping for healthy growth from the bottom of my heart.
The only thing I was worried about every time I saw my soft cheeks was that I shouldn’t get rough.
Because I myself had weak skin since I was a child.
The material and design of the clothing to be worn depends on whether it is gentle on the skin, and there are not many watches and accessories.
Actually, I made handmade children’s clothing because of such concerns.
To avoid soft skin, the baby’s clothing was made of a material that places less strain on the skin.

Focus on Awa Ai in my hometown, Tokushima

When I was studying the materials while handcrafting clothes that were kind to my child’s skin … I met Awa Ai, a local Tokushima. I was once again aware of the goodness of what I was close to when I was a child.
In December 2019 , we started developing and selling products dyed with Awa Ai , with the desire to gently protect the skin of our children and to communicate the goodness of local specialty products.

I don’t think that “design production” is something that is not only fashionable, cool, and trendy.
I think that it is important to think about what to do to solve the problem, and I agree with the creation of products incorporating Awa Ai.
We want to be a company that offers something that touches the hearts of someone who is worried, “What should we do?”